Dobrynia slays the dragon (Bilibin)

Digital Humanities

Computational Methods in the Humanities
About: The site for SLAV 1050, an undergraduate digital humanities class offered at the University of Pittsburgh. This site includes several useful tutorials and links to other relevent materials. By David Birnbaum.
Matthew L. Jockers
About: Matthew L. Jockers teaches a digital humanities class at Stanford. The page entitled "Links" offers samples of digital humanities projects.
A Companion to Digital Humanities
About: A thorough overview of the emerging field of humanities computing. By Susan Schreibman, Raymond George Siemens, and John Unsworth.

XML and Related Technologies

W3Schools XML Tutorial
About: W3Schools offers a number of tutorials for web development technologies including XML, HTML, Javascript, XPath, and XSLT.
A Gentle Introduction to XML
About: The XML guide put forth by TEI, the Text Encoding Initiative. The TEI homepage also offers links to digital humanities resources and example projects.
Relax NG Home Page
About: Relax NG is a schema language that specifies a pattern for the structure of an XML document. The home page offers tutorials for learning Relax NG.

Fairy Tales and Folklore

Фундаментальная электронная библиотека (ФЭБ)
About: An academic site that accumulates information in the field of Russian literature and Russian folklore.
University of Pittsburgh’s Slavic Department
About: Containes information about the department's faculty, courses, and special events.
Russian Fairy Tales (0090)
About: The site for RUS 0090, an undergraduate class offered every semester at the University of Pittsburgh that focuses on Russian fairy tales and folklore. This site includes an overiew, syllabus, and supplamentary material.
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